“If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always got.” It may be time to try something different. As life, learning and work change Robinson Canham is here to help you build resilience and make powerful choices for your future.

Learning enhancement and research services

Education, learning and knowledge exchange are powerful drivers for personal development, organisational growth and active citizenship. Whether you are seeking to influence policy-makers, enhance learning and teaching experiences for staff and students, or foster engagement  our expertise in this area can help you be agile and responsive to emerging trends and organisational needs.

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Team and organisational development

Your people and how they work together are critical to achieving your organisational goals – you can get everyone pulling in the same direction! In particular we can help you promote strong team and organisational cultures through fostering the individual, team and leadership attributes that will deliver for your organisation.

We provide specialist governance, culture and leadership development services to professional bodies and membership associations through  Canham Hall Associates

Coaching for personal and professional growth

‘Right now’ is always a good moment to take stock and think about your goals. Whether you’re identifying new aspirations, adapting to transitions in your work and personal life, or juggling different commitments, coaching can help you prioritise and plan for the future you want. And all of this can be fun and creative as well!

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We can

  • Undertake research projects and consultations using a range of desk research, participatory data collection and field work techniques
  • Support your project development and delivery needs
  • Deliver curriculum and programme reviews
  • Design and deliver specialist pedagogic staff development activities and resources, online and in person
  • Facilitate team building activities, including in-person and online awaydays
  • Conduct strategy and process reviews
  • Design and deliver management and leadership development programmes
  • Develop customised mentoring programmes
  • Provide one-to-one and small group coaching and learning sets, remotely and in person

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